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Vehicle's Polluting the atmosphere

Be mindful when accelerating, putting your foot to the pedal aggressively is causing more damage to the atmosphere. Be kind to the pedal, or go electric.

Vehicles idling all the time in traffic causes air pollution to increase. Following tests on vehicle driving from the general public, the older man driver is the highest on the pollutant list, where the ladies and the young boy racer are more efficient, research shows. Experienced motorists produce a large amount of hydrocarbons and nitrates. This has been shown where younger drivers accelerate smoother and efficient, then get up the hills easier using less accelerator. Whereas the older generation are heavier on the gas and accelerate harder up the hills. More skills behind the wheel driving, can reduce air pollution.

How to drive EV's

Motorists who are not very experienced driving Electric Vehicles are using more acceleration than the petrol or diesel driver.This causes more energy to be used and the tyres to wear out quicker with particule pollution. When the driver becomes more experienced driving these EV's, they will get used to the fact the electric motors produce power very quickly and easier more effortless acceleration is appreciated.

More driver info helps

These newer hybrid vehicles show the driver more information, educating the driver how the vehicle is currently performing. This results in more efficient driving will minimal pollution.

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Posted on 13th September 2019 at 4:40 PM

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