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Fixed costs, or just a fix?

One of the options available with leasing a vehicle is whether to take out a Maintenance Contract.

Maintenance can be added to your lease for a fixed additional monthly cost, to cover servicing, replacement tyres and other repair costs.
This is subject to “fair wear and tear” damage or neglect is not covered.
Majority of maintenance contracts also include a “no quibble” policy for tyre punctures too.
Offering peace of mind to cover costs you may not have budgeted for when taking out a lease.
Maintenance can be taken out on Personal Car Leasing Plans and Business Contract Hire.

Common Maintenance Questions:

What is maintenance?
If the option of maintenance is included within the contract, this covers you for servicing and any wear and tear items which need replacing.
Damage or neglect is not covered and could lead to a customer recharge from maintenance provider.
Majority of maintenance contracts also include a “no quibble” policy for tyre punctures too.

Is maintenance beneficial to me?
You need to assess the overall cost across the contract term.

Example: maintenance is £20.00 + vat = £23.00 per month, giving an annual contract cost of £276.
Take into account your expected mileage and the cars individual service schedule; speak with your dealer and obtain the price for the services you expect to undertake and work out if it is beneficial to you.
Some customers choose maintenance as it spreads the cost out over the contract term. (This is an example only)

Who would benefit from a Maintenance Contract?
Motorists who drive a high annual mileage each year, for example 20,000+ miles, would benefit from having a maintenance package. Business Leases who own one car or a fleet may benefit from maintenance so not having to pay out for extra repairs.

I have taken out a Maintenance Contract, how do I book an appointment?
You should receive a maintenance contact number from the finance company from which you can book the vehicle into a local approved garage. Who carries out the Servicing and Maintenance?A franchised dealer or an authorised VAT registered agent would carry out the maintenance and servicing as stipulated by the contract.
Does Maintenance include Windscreen Repair?
No unfortunately it does not. This is usually covered by your insurance company.
Will Maintenance cover MOT costs?
Should your vehicle need an MOT during the contract period or before collection at the end of a three year contract, this will be covered within the maintenance package 

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Posted on 25th October 2017 at 3:32 PM

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